Master I M-300

motor (up to 10 HP), number of seats: 4, total weight: 450 kg, aircraft bays: 3, nenaduvnoe bottom, hard seats, collapsable plywood deck, boat length: 300 cm, weight: 60 kg Master I M-300
Main characteristics Master I M-300
Type motor
Number of seats 4
Transom built-in
Maximum motor power 10 HP
Load-Carrying Capacity 450 kg
The number of air compartments 3
Kiel inflatable
Bottom nenaduvnoe
Collapsible plywood deck
Stuff the payola plywood
Color Green, grey
Complete Set Master I M-300
Hard seat
Inflatable seat
Anchor ring
Carrying handles
Leernyj cable
Water drain valve
Repair Kit
Dimensions and weight Master I M-300
The length of the boat 300 cm
The width of the boat 160 cm
Diameter of cylinder 42 cm
Cockpit length 205 cm
Cockpit width 76 cm
Weight 60 kg